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Wells Fargo & Co. Express -- Money Orders Sold Here "WINDOW" Sign.

This sign was #16 on the 1914 Sign List that appeared in the Instruction Book that was issued during that year.

An enamelled 3-1/2" x 36" single face sign, it was known as the "window sign", because it was used below the Cashiers' window, wherever money orders were on sale. It is also called a "ribbon" sign by collectors today.

Very few window signs survived the ravages of time. This one is pictured in "Company Property . . ." on page 131.
or best offer.

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Wells Fargo & Co's Travelers Money Orders Enamel Sign, c1903
Wells Fargo & Co's Travelers Money Orders Enamel Sign, c1903

Wells Fargo & Co's Travelers Money Orders Enamel Sign, c1903.

Wells Fargo & Co.'s Money Orders had been in common use since 1885. However, this colorful sign announced a new monetary instrument.

These were not really Money Orders, which the purchaser mailed to someone else. These were to be used by the purchasers themselves while traveling.

In 1912, their name was changed to "Travelers' Checks".

This single-sided sign measures 5" by 5". It's "call card" face is in excellent condition for its age. However, it has sustained rust damage at the top, along the edges, and on the back.

ONLY THREE of these signs have ever surfaced, and this is the BEST ONE of all!

THIS IS THE ONE PICTURED IN "Company Property . . ." on page 124! Add this stunning sign to your collection.
$2,350 or best offer.

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"Wells Fargo & Co's Express" is the most romanticized company in the West.

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